Latto Addresses FAMU Homecoming Promoter “Sabotaging” Her Reputation


#Latto claims she was never hired to show up at the school.

Several HBCUs held their respective homecomings over the last few weeks. Apparently, some Florida A&M University students expected to see Latto at a homecoming concert on September 29.

In response, Latto had to go on social media to inform her fans that she will not be at the FAMU event in Tallahassee, Florida. The “Big Energy” rapper has been touring the country with Lizzo.

“Only addressing this to clear my name. I was never booked for FAMU [homecoming],” read a message posted by Latto. “My team was contacted directly this morning and asked if we could work something out due to the third-party promoter falsely advertising me.”

She added, “ME BEING UNDERSTANDING, I was willing to make it work even though I’m currently on tour. BUT since they brought incorrect info online, sabotaging my reputation, I’m gonna pass on the offer now. I NEVER want to disappoint my fans. I’m sorry to the students, I love yall – thanks for understanding.”

FAMU Student Body Officials Issue A Statement About Latto Situation

Florida A&M University’s Student Government Association also released a statement regarding the Homecoming Concert. According to the SGA, a promotional company called WRLD Entertainment handled the booking for the show.

“On September 14, 2022, WRLD Entertainment communicated that artists, City Girls and Latto, were officially booked for the 2022 FAMU Homecoming Concert and provided wire transfers reflecting so,” read an official letter from the FAMU Study Body President and Vice President.

The letter continued, “Like you, we were extremely disappointed when on Monday, October 25, Latto announced she was not booked for the event; however, WRLD Entertainment denies Latto’s assertions. She has been booked for the event.”

Earlier this week, Latto had to address another story circulating the internet. A Pop Base parody account on Twitter alleged Lil Wayne denied the RCA recording artist’s “Lollipop” sample request, but the Atlanta rapstress insisted that rumor was also false.

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