Latto Bonded With Mariah Carey Because They Are Biracial


Latto says Mariah Carey was an “uplifting spirit” when they worked together on the remix to her hit song. “Big Energy.”

Latto has described working with Mariah Carey as a dream come true.

The rapper, who released her hit single “Big Energy” last September, dropped a remix featuring Mariah and DJ Khaled last month.

The new version of “Big Energy” interpolates Mariah’s 1995 tune “Fantasy,” and in an interview with Variety, Latto gushed over the experience.

“She’s such an uplifting spirit,” the star, real name Alyssa Stephens, told the outlet. “I’m grateful for the remix and for her vocals – Mariah’s a legend – but I’m grateful for the experience that she gave me with this song and all the words of advice.”

Latto went on to share that Mariah has continued to give her guidance, and often sends her text messages.

And the rising star noted that she instantly connected with the superstar, as they are both bi-racial.

“I can relate to her on not feeling white enough or not feeling Black enough, and not feeling like I had a place to fit in growing up,” the 23-year-old continued.

“We had personal experiences to relate on as well, so the whole experience I cannot even put into words. I really, really am so appreciative of everything she’s done for me, it’s been so much stuff behind the scenes that I can’t even speak on. This lady is so genuine and a very, very humble spirit,” Latto said.