Latto Admits She Felt Pressured Into Getting BBL & “Hates” Her Boob Job


Latto reveals she got a BBL after signing her deal because internet trolls made her feel “insecure” about her body. 

Latto is opening up about her decision to get a Brazilian butt lift (BBL) early in her career, claiming she felt pressured after receiving hateful comments from internet trolls. 

The “Sunday Service” hitmaker has been upfront about her surgical procedures over the years. Latto admitted to getting a BBL and liposuction in 2020 as well as breast enhancement. However, she now sees things differently with the benefit of hindsight and wishes she could turn back the clock. 

“Girl I don’t even f###### know. My body was so tea,” she replied to a fan who asked why she got a BBL. “I was 20 about to be 21 when I signed my deal and I was just having money and living a whole new life.”  

With her new deal, Latto had “the funds to feed this foodie in me,” and “gained a little weight.” However, after putting on a few pounds, Latto began receiving cruel comments from trolls online, which “played a role” in her decision to get a BBL.  

“I started being a little insecure about my body I guess,” she explained. “I was just young and impressionable.”  

However, Latto now feels the surgery was unnecessary. “Looking back like, ‘B####, I didn’t need that.’ Now them same people mad I got a BBL, so it’s like you can’t win,” she added. Latto also admitted that she “hates” her boob job, calling the procedure “my biggest regret.” Ultimately, Latto believes people should “love your natural body.” 


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Last month, Latto clapped back at body shamers scrutinizing her BBL with a “happy weight” Instagram post.

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