EXCLUSIVE: Lawyer Claims Damon Dash Extorting Editor Over Film War

A lawyer named Christopher Brown continues to file claims against Damon Dash in their legal battle over a movie called “Dear Frank”/”The List.”

(AllHipHop News) A lawyer battling Damon Dash in three different lawsuits claims the rap mogul is the real extortionist.

Attorney Christopher Brown just filed documents in his ongoing legal war with Damon Dash, over control of a movie called “Dear Frank”/”The List.”

Damon claims he was promised at least 25% equity in the film, while Christopher Brown’s clients Josh Webber and Muddy Water Pictures say Damon was simply contracted to co-direct the film.

Damon Dash was eventually fired from the film due to his behavior on set, which sparked the legal war.

Since then, Dame says he is being attacked by Christopher Brown, who he’s called a “Culture Vulture” for suing him incessantly.

But according to Christopher Brown, it’s Damon Dash who is allegedly running a scam.

In the latest legal filings, Christopher Brown claimed Damon was threatening and extorting an editor of “Dear Frank”/”The List,” in hopes of gaining equity in the movie, which starred Lil Durk, Claudia Jordan, Columbus Short, and others.

Christopher Brown presented the court with “extortion related communications,” Damon Dash allegedly sent, which the lawyer believes offers up proof that the Roc-A-Fella co-founder is not an owner of the film.

“Dash’s modus operandi has been to attack people publicly who do not follow his wishes,’ Christopher Brown said. “Dash attempted to extort ownership from the Plaintiffs and is keenly aware he is not the owner or author of the film.”

Christopher Brown maintains Damon has been targeting a key witness named Wynton Payne with threatening emails and text messages.

According to Christopher Brown, Damon Dash’s intimidation tactics against Payne appear to be working.

“At this time, I am unaware if Mr. Payne will cooperate in this matter as he has not communicated since February 2019,” Christopher Brown said.

Last week, AllHipHop broke the news that Christopher Brown and Josh Webber were suing Damon Dash for $7.4 million for libel over his constant attacks on them over the lawsuit.

Christopher Brown is also asking for a default judgment of $51 million against Damon Dash, over an alleged sexual assault during a photoshoot at his house in Los Angeles.

Damon is also taking on Christopher Brown in another lawsuit over the battle for the copyrights of the movie “Mafietta.”