EXCLUSIVE: Lawyer Loses Bid To Silence Damon Dash In Legal War Over Control Of Movie

Damon’s nemesis Christopher Brown lost his attempt to restrain the Roc-A-Fella rapper’s speech in their war over the movie “Dear Frank”/”The List”

(AllHipHop News) Damon Dash emerged victorious in a round of a legal fight against an attorney he claims is extorting him.

Yesterday (January 6th) Judge Robert Lehrburger “declined” to rule on whether or not a gag order should be placed on Damon Dash over his repeated attacks on a lawyer named Christopher Brown on social media.

Last week, Christopher Brown ran to court to ask for the gag order, claiming Dame’s posts on social media could influence a jury pool.

Damon is at war with Brown and filmmaker Josh Webber over the movie “Dear Frank,” alternatively titled “The List,” by Damon Dash.

Webber claims Damon’s behavior on set caused their relationship to implode, and sparked a battle over control of the movie, which Webber has titled “Dear Frank.”

Damon has been aggressively defending himself, maintaining Webber ran off with the movie he titled “The List,’ which he says he financed and produced.

Damon Dash gave an explosive deposition on November 21st, where he verbally thrashed Brown.

The meeting at Shukat Arrow Hafer Weber & Herbsman in New York ended when the cops were called. Dame was ultimately sanctioned by the court for his behavior.

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Damon Dash’s attacks only intensified when Christopher Brown announced he was representing a filmmaker named Monique Bunn in a $50 million lawsuit accusing the DDTV founder of groping her while she was sleeping and then stealing her hard drives and equipment.

Although Brown lost his attempt to quiet Damon Dash, Judge Lehrburger left the door open for a gag order to be imposed, if the lawyer can prove his case.

“If Plaintiffs maintain that a gag order is necessary, Plaintiffs must file a letter motion in accordance with this Court’s individual rules of practice, providing the factual and legal bases for the request,” Judge Lehrburger ruled.

Judge Lehrburger also ordered Damon to pay Christopher Brown’s $2,744.92 for the failed deposition.