EXCLUSIVE: Lawyer Moves To Seize $51 Million From Damon Dash

A photographer wants her $51 million from Damon Dash ASAP, after she won a default judgment against the legendary hip-hop mogul.

(AllHipHop News) Damon Dash may be handed his nemesis some easy money in a $50 million sexual assault lawsuit.

Attorney Christopher Brown just filed new documents urging a judge to make Damon Dash give photographer Monique Bunn more than $50,000,000 immediately.

To make matters worse for Damon, Christopher Brown is asking for 9% interest from December 26, 2019, until January 27th, which amounts to $381,982.50 in penalties alone.

After factoring in some legal costs, Christopher Brown and Monique Bunn seek a total of $51,313,547.50 from Damon Dash.

Last week, Monique Bunn was granted a default judgment against Dash, because he never responded to the lawsuit, which the photographer filed in December of 2019.

Bunn alleges she spent the night at Damon Dash’s Los Angeles house for work on the night of April 18, 2019, after she was hired to shoot photos for his Poppington brand.

At some point during the evening, Monique Bunn claims she woke to Damon Dash in a robe with no underwear on stroking her breasts and rubbing her butt without permission.

Monique Bunn claims Damon is surrounded by enablers, including “a specific maid follow him around all day just to make him drinks and roll marijuana for him, Dash simply yells her name and she comes running with refills of vodka and orange juice and joints.”

The following day, on April 19th, Damon Dash supposedly sent Bunn to an Apple store to purchase $3,000 worth of equipment, which was allegedly approved by Raquel Horn.

The next day (April 20th) all hell broke loose as Damon and Raquel Horn allegedly prepared to do mushrooms to celebrate the 4/20 “holiday.”

“Dash and Horn barged into the bedroom where I was sleeping and started yelling at me about the Apple Store purchase as Horn was unhappy with the amount,” Monique Bunn said.

“Horn’s eyes were excessively widened and she was clearly under the influence, irate and irrational,” Monique Bunn claimed, so she fled Dame’s house out of fear.

According to Monique Bunn, Damon kept a hard drive that contained over 100,000 pictures of famous rappers, R&B stars, and other celebrities, with each image being valued at an estimated $500.

Monique Bunn claims she’s about to lose the house her family has owned for 80 years because Damon Dash allegedly kept all of her equipment.