Lil Baby Links Central Cee On London Video Shoot For Transatlantic Drill Collab 

Lil Baby Central Cee

Lil Baby flew to London on Thursday, where he linked Central Cee to shoot the video for their drill collaboration.  

Lil Baby has joined forces with Central Cee, teasing a transatlantic drill collaboration just in time for the summer. 

After his Atlanta video shoot erupted in gunfire earlier this week, leaving three men shot, the Georgia native flew to London for a link-up with the rising star of the U.K. rap scene.  

Footage from the shoot on Thursday evening (May 16), shows Lil Baby and Central Cee on the steps of London’s Charing Cross train station, surrounded by a large entourage. 

Back in March, Cench and Lil Baby were spotted cooking up in Miami’s House of Hits studio. No official word on when the collab is due, but fans are eagerly awaiting the drop. 

It’s unclear how the collaboration came about, although Central Cee is a Lil Baby fan. Kai Cenat shared a video of him and the West Londoner singing along while Lil Baby performed at the Atlanta stop of Drake’s All A Blur Tour. 

The shoot comes a week after Central Cee boasted about his international clout in a new freestyle. “They book me in L.A., they book you in Leicester,” he rapped, seemingly firing a shot at rival Digga D. “I’m the reason the U.K. valid/Flyin’ in girls from the USA ’cause I already f##### all these U.K. badders.” 

The Central Cee collab isn’t the first time Lil Baby dabbled in London drill sounds. Last October, he joined U.K. grime veteran Flowdan on Skrillex’s “Pepper.”