Chicago Rapper Lil Jay Released From Prison

Lil Jay

According to reports, Chicago rapper Lil Jay has finally been released from prison. Is the summer going to be hot?

Chicago rapper Lil Jay has been released from prison after being convicted for a murder that happened seven years ago.

The ordeal started in 2015 over a drug deal gone wrong. Filmon Rezene, Lil Jay, and several associates were involved in a shootout over a botched marijuana deal.

Rezene was killed in the ensuing gun battle with the drug dealer, who claimed self-defense.

The rapper was convicted of conspiracy to commit murder and intent to kill and injure. He was sentenced to 12 years in prison in July of 2019.

The rapper, born Jeff McGraw, has finally been released from state prison after serving a little over 7 years. He hopped on an Instagram to let everyone know he was back out on the streets.

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The buzzing rapper was part of the Fly Boy Gang, which included late rapper FBG Duck. Prior to his incarceration, Lil Jay was involved in a heated beef with rap star Lil Durk.

Lil Durk dissed Lil Jay on the track “Competition,” and Jay responded with a track called “Take You Out Yo Glory Remix.”

Unfortunately, one of Lil Jay’s closest associates, FBG Duck, was murdered in broad daylight in downtown Chicago as Lil Jay sat in prison.

In October of 2021, five elected members of the O Block gang or charged with the murder of lFBG Duck.

The Feds believe FBG Duck’s murder was part of an ongoing feud between Lil Durk’s O Block associates and the FBG gang.

FBG Duck released tracks like “Dead B######” dissing O-Block’s namesake Odee Perry, who was killed in 2011, and “I’m From 63rd,” which dissed King Von, who was murdered in an unrelated shooting in November of 2020.