Lil Mama Blames Nicki Minaj For Inspiring Generation Of “Musical Prostitutes”

Lil Mama

Lil Mama claimed Nicki Minaj led the way for so-called “musical prostitutes” in Hip-Hop.

Lil Mama condemned Nicki Minaj and other female rappers for sexualizing themselves. Lil Mama called out Nicki after Dee-1 expressed his disappointment with the abundance of “sex rap” at the 2024 BET Awards.

“We can do better as a ‘culture’ @bet + @betawards,” Dee-1 wrote on Instagram. “I mean this sincerely … Deep down, most executives, fans, and artists know we can do better. We just gotta have the courage to do it.”

Lil Mama commented, “Then gave Nicki an award for leading this pack. Corporate ‘BARS’ be going over our head. They laughing at us for sure!”

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A fan said Lil Kim should get the credit – or blame – for the rise of women rapping sexually suggestive lyrics. Lil Mama pushed back by saying Nicki directly paved the way for Ice Spice, Sexyy Red and more.

“These young women are not influenced by Kim. Nicki is influenced by Kim,” Lil Mama wrote. “These women are 23. What major musical prostitutes do you remember from the last 15 years. Who do you think they watched corporate give a platform and flowers for slitting out. Be forreal. Like I said they are laughing at us and the award was a ‘thanks to you, now we have 7,8, 9 of em.’”

The same fan said “selling sex” was the only option for women to succeed as rappers in the current landscape. Lil Mama reflected on the state of rap and pictured an awakening of her peers.

“I agree there [were] definitely option[s] in style and content [in the past],” she wrote. “It’s all love, God Is the Greatest and these women are gonna wake up and realize that they are worth more than any price tag. Sometimes we can’t see ourselves. We are just living… so I can [understand] how this can happen and feel normal.”

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