Lil Mosey’s Rape Case Defense Suffers Blow, Rapper Could Face Life in Prison if Convicted

Judge prohibits the rapper’s team from bringing up his previous sexual experiences with the woman accusing him of rape.

Rapper Lil Mosey has suffered a setback in his rape case defense. The presiding judge will not allow the artist to talk about prior sexual encounters with his alleged victim during the trial. If he is convicted of rape in the second degree in Washington state, he may be sentenced to a maximum term of life in prison.

According to TMZ, a ruling has been handed down that will not permit the “Blueberry Faygo” rapper’s lawyers to mention that he and the woman at the center of the case had several sexual encounters before the night of the alleged April 2021 rape.

As reported by, the Washington native is in the “fight for his life” as he is about to be tried for rape charges. He insists that he is innocent and that he and the alleged victim had had a romp on New Year’s Eve 2020 and once in the car. The time that they had sex in the car was actually on the same day as the alleged rape.

Washington has a rape shield law that prohibits sexual history from being a factor in a rape case.

In Chapter 6 of the Washington Court’s manual, the rape shield is defined as follows:

“The state legislature enacted the rape shield statute to encourage victims to report sexual assault and to ensure that the jury is not unduly influenced by a victim’s irrelevant prior sexual history. Before the legislature enacted this statute, defendants had routinely produced evidence of victims’ prior sexual conduct to prove a ‘logical nexus between chastity and veracity.’”

The judge in this case, however, will allow the defense to give their side of the story that night, including the sexual encounter in the car to address why his DNA was found on the woman’s body on the night of the alleged assault.

The young lady says that she blacked out after drinking and partying with the rapper and could not consent to the sexual encounter in question… and is not addressing the prior interactions.

The rapper could get life in prison, should he be found guilty of rape.