Lil Nas X Links With Tony Hawk After Calling Out The Skateboarder’s Blood-Infused Deck

Check out photos and videos of the two stars interacting with each other.

It looks like there is no bad blood between Lil Nas X and Tony Hawk. The “Industry Baby” rapper and the skateboarding legend met up following some back-and-forth in the media.

Lil Nas X took issue with a limited-edition deck supposedly infused with Tony Hawk’s real blood. Earlier this year, LNX was widely condemned for creating an unauthorized “Satan Shoes” version of the Nike Air Max 97s. He was forced to recall the MSCHF-designed sneakers following legal action from Nike.

“Now that Tony Hawk has released skateboards with his blood painted on them, and there was no public outrage, are y’all ready to admit y’all were never actually upset over the blood in the shoes? And maybe [you] were mad for some other reason?” tweeted Lil Nas X on August 25.

Lil Nas X was also responsible for igniting the über-viral “nah he tweekin” meme by posting that phrase on Tony Hawk’s Instagram page. Hawk eventually addressed Lil Nas X’s criticism during a recent interview with

“I understand his perspective, and I respect it. Yeah, obviously there’s a disparity there, but I think the issue with him more was that there was a copyright infringement, from what I understand,” said Hawk. “But by no means was I trying to capitalize on his success or even copy him.”

Despite the blood shoes/blood board controversy, Lil Nas X and Tony Hawk seem to be on good terms at the moment. LNX posted a video and photos with the 53-year-old pop culture icon to his social media accounts.

“Nah WE tweakin,” wrote Lil Nas X in the Instagram caption. Tony Hawk commented on the 22-year-old entertainer’s IG post, “Blood Brothers?” Over on Twitter, Hawk also wrote, “Nas he tweakin.”