Lil Reese Addresses Leaked “Thirsty” DMs To Rubi Rose

The self-described “Supa Savage” tried to defend himself against the Twitter mob.

Social media users were having a field day this weekend when Rubi Rose’s Twitter account supposedly got hacked. Alleged screenshots of direct messages from Lil Reese and Kodak Black began circulating online.

As far as Lil Reese, the leaked DMs appeared to show him sending at least six messages to the For The Streets rapstress without receiving a reply. The Chicago Drill rapper was accused of coming off as overly eager to get Rose’s attention.

“Them old ass DMs you only see what I’m saying tryna make it seem like I’m thirsty get yo goof ass on…,” tweeted Reese on May 8 in response to getting clowned on Twitter.

The Supa Savage mixtape creator then began responding to people on the platform. At one point Reese posted, “It ain’t s### to unsend DMs get yall slow ass on.” He later added, “Lol [shut the f### up] she deleted her s###.”

After one user called on him to release his side of the DMs in order to prove Rubi Rose deleted her messages, Reese wrote, “I ain’t messy like that. I will never. She was hacked so [why] would I do that.” Plus, the 28-year-old Chief Keef collaborator tweeted, “I ain’t finna go back and forth about no goofy s###. [I don’t] care what it is…”

The Kentucky-born Rubi Rose reportedly dated high-profile Hip Hop artists like Playboi Carti and Travis Scott in the past. Earlier this year, she accused her now-ex-boyfriend DDG of being jealous and controlling while they were in a public relationship.

“Literally blocks every rapper in the industry who DMs me… like damn I just wanna make music smh. [I don’t give a f###] how another n#### feel about me,” tweeted Rose about the YouTuber-turned-recording artist. “I love him [for real], but it’s just too much now. He deserves to be happy and so do I. He wants to chase prostitutes, I’m not the one for him.”

The “He In His Feelings” performer also wrote, “This n#### mad I don’t wanna be with him and took my phone and posted that weird s###. Literally locked himself in a room and took my phone.” DDG claimed those allegations were not true.