Lil Tjay Released From Jail On New Year’s Day; Rapper Delivers A Message

Lil Tjay

Lil Tjay is out of prison and vowing to fight a gun charge he caught earlier this week. 

Lil Tjay rang in the year 2021 sitting in a New York jail cell. 

The Bronx, New York rapper was released from prison on Friday (January 1st ) after posting a $50,000 bond. On Wednesday, Tjay was caught in a car loaded with guns in marijuana. 

A vehicle the rapper was traveling in was stopped and when cops searched the vehicle, they found four guns in the center console. Police said they also found a book bag filled with marijuana. 

Cops Arrest Lil Tjay After Finding Four Guns And Lots Of Weed In His Car

None of the occupants of the vehicle took responsibility for the guns or the drugs, resulting in charges for everyone inside of the vehicle. 

Tjay has already lawyered up. He is represented by criminal defense lawyer Dawn Florio, who also reps infamous snitch, Tekashi 69. 

 “They’re targeting Lil Tjay for this arrest based on the incident that happened a few days ago when they illegally searched him and the vehicle he was in at his video shoot. “We’re vigorously defending the allegations,” Dawn Florio told The New York Post. 

Florio was referring to an incident earlier this week, when the NYPD crashed Lil Tjay’s video shoot in Queens with Fivio Foreign on December 27th.