Lil Tjay Shares New Music Video “Beat The Odds,” After Being Shot 7 Times In June 

Lil Tjay details his near-fatal shooting and recovery in the “Beat The Odds” lyrics, partially recorded from his hospital bed.

Lil Tjay shared his new single just days after promising his fans new music was coming following his near-fatal shooting in June. 

The song, appropriately titled “Beat the Odds,” arrives with a moving video to accompany it. The visuals begin with audio of a 911 call and news footage of the night the 21-year-old almost lost his life. “Is the party deceased?” the emergency services operator asks in the intro. “I think so,” came the reply before Lil Tjay began to rap.  

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The video and the cover art highlights the young rapper’s determination to recover from his injuries and return to rapping. Lil Tjay is shown with his body wrapped in bandages writing and recording “Beat the Odds” from his hospital bed which he turned into a makeshift studio.  

Lil TJay Announces “Beat The Odds”

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He also details his harrowing near-death experience and recovery journey in the song’s lyrics. The words “I’m back,” appear on screen to end the visuals. Stream the single and watch the video below.  

Lil Tjay was shot seven times during an attempted robbery in Edgewater, New Jersey in June. He was rushed to hospital, where it was feared he may not fully recover and was rumored to be paralyzed. Three men have been arrested and charged in connection with the shooting.  

Meanwhile, earlier this week, Lil Tjay took to Instagram to share an update on his health with his followers.  

“Hey, what’s going on, y’all? It’s your boy Tjay, man,” he said in the clip. “I’m just checking in with y’all. I just wanna say, thanks for the love, thanks for the support. I been looking at the DMs, the comments, and everything else, and I feel love.”  

Lil Tjay continued, “Seven shots, it was tough, you know? Most people don’t survive it, but I’m here. Here for a reason, and new music coming soon,” he added. “We gonna come back stronger than ever. Love y’all.”