Male Social Media User Apologizes For Claiming To Be In Bed With Bobby Shmurda

Bobby Shmurda

Xavier Raza’s IG account says the post was meant to be a “harmless joke.”

Bobby Shmurda had a lot of people talking over the last several days. A video of the Brooklyn-bred rapper in bed made the rounds online because some people believed two men joined Shmurda under the covers.

The specualtion caught fire after a social media user named Xavier Raza claimed he was one of the people laying next to the “Hot N####” hitmaker. Raza posted the clip with a caption that read, “I’m mad shy 🙈but Bobby loves me.”

In a turn of events, Xavier Raza retracted his previous statement about Bobby Shmurda. According to reports, Raza issued an apology to Shmurda with a lengthy post on Instagram.

“I owe everybody an explanation but most importantly I owe an apology to Bobby Shmurda and his fans,” reads the IG message. “I’m sorry for everything that’s going on and [the] confusion I have caused anyone this past weekend.”

The @afflictionx account also added, “That was NOT me in the video. What was meant to be a harmless joke, shook the internet. I never thought my post would go viral and it was never my intention to mislead anyone.”

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Over the weekend, Bobby Shmurda reacted to the rumors involving his name. In now-deleted Instagram posts, the 28-year-old entertainer offered the theory that the major record labels and the media purposely pushed the story he was a bisexual man as some sort of retaliation.

“Tour is coming up and the labels always showed me how they control and work any narrative they want and control media to an extent,” wrote Shmurda. “How much do the bots cost y’all? I [just] made $200K last week. I’m trying to buy some s### [because] ya’ll odeee yang sucking. I can’t boom the internet, so have fun.”

He also added, “😂I’m really that scary. 😧😂😂😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣Ay, they [are] trying to f### up my tour😱, [because] I’m not with them anymore and I’m taking [their] artist on tour. 🥹Like they [tried to] sabotage my EP, lower my sound, all kinda crazy nerd s###. They don’t want it played nowhere. They pay for [their] artist to get played at.”

As of press time, Bobby Shmurda has not responded to Xavier Raza’s public apology. Nor has he addressed the rumors of the individuals in the bed-scene video being other men. Meanwhile, the Bodboy EP creator prepares to head out on The Bodmon Tour with Rowdy Rebel.

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