Bobby Shmurda Reacts To Rumors Of Him Being In Bed With A Man!

Bobby Shmurda

The “Hoochie Daddy” rapper suggests the major record labels are plotting against him.

Bobby Shmurda stays in the headlines. This week, the Brooklynite became newsworthy because of accusations that he is bisexual.

Footage of Bobby Shmurda in bed with two unidentified individuals spread across the internet. Then rumors began circulating that the Bodboy EP creator was actually lying next to two men.

According to reports, a male Facebook user named Xavier Raza claimed to be one of the people under the covers with Bobby Shmurda. That allegation sparked an online conversation about Shmurda’s sexuality.

It appears Bobby Shmurda responded to the gossip on his Instagram page. The now-deleted messages seemingly addressed all the internet talk about him possibly being in bed with other men.

“When the hate doesn’t work, they start telling lies,” stated Bobby Shmurda. The IG post’s caption read, “That’s why y’all still broke after all these years. You spend your time on b####### and cap to make y’all feel better. 😂Tap into reality.😘 Go get you some Shmoney #viralpost.”

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Bobby Shmurda Blames The Major Labels & The Media

Additionally, Shmurda had accusations of his own. In another now-deleted Instagram post, the ONErpm-backed entertainer pushed some unproven theories. He suggested major record labels are behind the stories about his sexuality becoming a topic on social media.

“Tour is coming up and the labels always showed me how they control and work any narrative they want and control media to an extent,” Shmurda claimed. “How much do the bots cost y’all? I [just] made $200K last week. I’m trying to buy some s### [because] ya’ll odeee yang sucking. I can’t boom the internet, so have fun.”

Shmurda also offered, “😂I’m really that scary. 😧😂😂😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣Ay, they [are] trying to f### up my tour😱, [because] I’m not with them anymore and I’m taking [their] artist on tour. 🥹Like they [tried to] sabotage my EP, lower my sound, all kinda crazy nerd s###. They don’t want it played nowhere. They pay for [their] artist to get played at. #realife #trillers #bandit #bigmad #independentartist #slaveship #nogood.”

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People Also Debated The Rapper’s Sexuality Because He Wore Hoochie Daddy Shorts

This is not the first time social media users questioned if Bobby Shmurda is sexually attracted to the same gender. Shmurda’s decision to embrace the polarizing Hoochie Daddy shorts trend led to similar chatter about the “Hot N####” hitmaker.

“The people who are saying about the shorts and stuff, I feel like they got insecurities or some s###, they might even be insecure about some s###,” said Bobby last month. “Because I don’t know how you don’t want to wear no shorts for no girls.”

He added, “You want a whole bunch of durags and flags for n##### outside, for guys, for dudes. But if a girl wants you to dress sexy, dress sexy for the girls. Ladies’ man, that’s some ladies’ man s###. You don’t want no girls?”