McDonald’s Franchisees Complain Cardi B & Offset Meal Breaks “Golden Arches Code” 

Cardi B Offset

Cardi B and Offset teamed up with McDonald’s to launch a Valentine’s Day duo meal but some franchisees are unhappy.

Mcdonald’s is in hot water with some franchisees concerned that their partnership with Cardi B and Offset doesn’t reflect the company’s values and fails to meet the chain’s “Golden Arches Code” of marketing guidelines.

The famous couple recently linked with the fast-food chain for a Valentine’s Day campaign featuring the company’s first-ever celebrity duo meal. 

While the couple’s surprise appearance at the Times Square McDonald’s launch was a hit with fans, the collaboration has drawn criticism from some restaurant owners. Some have even gone so far as to refuse to promote the Cardi B and Offset meal, as per Wall Street Journal.  

According to the outlet several franchisees have complained about the partnerships. These store owners fear that the rapper’s lifestyle and often sexually explicit lyrics don’t align with McDonald’s family-friendly values. 

However, McDonald’s says the collab has helped drive excitement for the brand, as shown by the crowds at the launch. They added that the partnership with Cardi B and Offset was focused on celebrating love and sharing special moments.  

Cardi B & Offset Cause Chaos At McDonald’s Times Square

“Across our marketing, we’re focused on putting McDonald’s at the center of culture,” McDonald’s U.S. Chief Marketing Officer Tariq Hassan said. 

Nevertheless, McDonald’s said that their public image remains a priority. 

The Cardi B and Offset meal was first revealed during an ad on Super Bowl Sunday. The moment was significant for the couple, as their first date was at the Super Bowl in 2017.   

“Every single time that the Super Bowl comes around, I get a little bit emotional,” Cardi B admitted during a Billboard interview. “We do have projects to put out this year, and our careers [are] very important to us… and then balancing things out with our careers and our personal lives, you know what I’m saying? Our children and stuff. We just being grownups. It’s not easy being grownups.”