Meek Mill Defends Saying Thanksgiving Is “Fake”

Meek Mill

Do you agree with Meek Mill’s opinion about the American holiday?

Many families in the United States will come together for Thanksgiving festivities tomorrow (November 24). However, it appears Philadelphia-bred artist Meek Mill is not a fan of the holiday taking place on Thursday.

Earlier this week, someone on Twitter asked Meek to share his plans for Thanksgiving. The 35-year-old rap star responded by mentioning the treatment of Native people at the hands of European colonizers.

“Thanksgiving [is] fake… The Pilgrims killed the Indians. I still remember them books from school, horrible. I got Indian friends… My family might link up!” tweeted Meek Mill on November 21.

Meek Mill Uses A YelloPain Song To Help Make His Point

Apparently, Meek Mill’s comments upset some social media users. He returned to Twitter on Tuesday to add more context to his thoughts on Thanksgiving. Meek shared a link to an Instagram post about “Happy Thanksgiving (How Dare We Celebrate Thanksgiving)” by YelloPain.

“This song is not about Pilgrims and Indians meeting each other and feasting for suppеr. This is about millions of Indians murdered and villages burning and bleeding for nothing,” raps YelloPain in the song. “This is about all my dеscendants from Africa happy and acting like we ain’t disgusted.”

YelloPain’s “Happy Thanksgiving” music video has amassed more than 1.1 million YouTube views since premiering on November 24, 2021. The Dayton, Ohio native also has other popular visuals on the site such as “Graduation” and “Last Time.”

Meek Wants To Know If His Critics Got Any Money This Week

Meek Mill’s tweet about YelloPain also included him writing, “This what I was trying to say about Thanksgiving… I was just with some people from London, they don’t even celebrate that s### lol. I never thought about if they did either🤔.”

Another Twitter user quote-tweeted Meek and essentially pointed out that English citizens would not observe American Thanksgiving. The Flamerz 5 mixtape creator fired back at the person by focusing on his own wealth.

“Why you so passionate about my thoughts… you get any money this week? Are you eating off your education. Who are you and why you on my d#%k like this? lol. I be crushing this life. Chill bro, I feed families trees you not on my level… This the vibes now [the f###] lol goofy,” tweeted Meek.