Meek Mill Drags Pennsylvania Governor Into Diddy Lawsuit Shenanigans

Meek Mill

Meek Mill ranted on social media after the latest lawsuit against Diddy sparked salacious rumors about the Philadelphia native.

Pennsylvania Governor Josh Shapiro intervened in Meek Mill’s social media meltdown over Diddy’s latest lawsuit. The Philly-bred artist revealed the governor reached out to him after he threatened Akademiks, who’s been trolling the rapper for being implicated in the lawsuit.

“The governor called me and checked me,” Meek Mill wrote on X (formerly known as Twitter). “I took it down after I explain to him this the guy that powered the biggest rap beefs that killed some of my friends playing undercover.”

Meek Mill deleted at least two posts following his conversation with the governor. He wished ill on Akademiks and claimed he was willing to die to stop Akademiks if need be.

“In my city we don’t do no talk,” Meek Mill wrote in his since-deleted warning. “You want the street n##### to die fr I can’t wait til that liquor hit your organs. I’ll die to shut you down.”

Akademiks antagonized Meek Mill over apparent references to the rapper in Lil Rod’s sexual harassment and assault lawsuit against Diddy. The lawsuit mentioned a “Philadelphia rapper who dated Nicki Minaj” allegedly having sex with Diddy. Lil Rod also claimed the rapper consorted with underage girls and sex workers.

Meek Mill denied the allegations and bickered with Akademiks on social media. Akademiks trashed his foe for backing down at the governor’s behest.

“U still getting told what to do by old white men.. just stop cosplaying as a gangsta man,” the internet personality wrote. “We respect the reform s### u do u talking like u anything else is just laughable . And plus u stil ain’t address the n#### who sued u n said the s###.”

He added, “N#### was just talking bout he finna ready to die bout his issue wit me now said some old white governor convinced him not to… not his family not his friends a white governor. embarrassing . This how he lost that beef to Drake all tweets.”

Meek Mill ranted about Akademiks and the Diddy lawsuit while promoting his Heathenism EP. The project dropped on Thursday (February 29).