Meek Mill Vows “I’ma Move Better!” After Near Fight At Gervonta Davis Boxing Match 

Meek Mill

Meek Mill apologized for disrupting the fight, saying although he “had a few shots,” it would never have become physical.

Meek Mill has apologized for the mid-fight disturbance during the clash between Gervonta Davis and Hector Luis Garcia, after his conversation with pro boxer Garry Russell Jr. went left, interrupting the show.  

Officials were forced to briefly pause the WBC featherweight title boxing match midway through the first round after a commotion in the crowd. Footage from the event shows the Philly rapper engaged in a heated exchange with Russell Jr. and their respective entourages.  

Shortly after the fight, Meek Mill jumped on Twitter to congratulate the winner and explain why he left before the end of the fight.  

“Congratulations tankkk!!!” he told Davis who by TKO in the eighth round. “I almost fought a boxer telling him this fight not going 12 rounds I missed the big bomb!!!!  

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While some on social media called out the “On My Soul” hitmaker for almost getting into a fight, Meek said he would never have allowed things to become physical.  

“I would never let no petty s### escalate to let somebody movie run,” he stating before adding, “I just walked away .. I came to support tank and boots!!!!!! Good wins ✨✨✨.”  

He also explained that he was “nice to everybody at that fight,” adding, “everybody in that section seen my level of respect towards.” Meek then claimed that he was reacting “to something aggressive,’ and was not the aggressor.  

Meek Mill Apologizes For Disrupting The Fight

Ultimately, Meek Mill apologized, acknowledging that a debate about sports is never that serious, but said he “had a few shots,” that night.  

“I have no business going back and forth that hard with a random person and we just talking about sports…so my apologies for wasting time for nothing! I had a few shots I know how to dodge those! Congrats Tank and boots!!!” he concluded.  

Wallo, of Million Dollaz Worth of Game podcast, was also at the center of the incident. However, he claims he was trying to de-escalate the situation and prevent anyone involved from taking things too far.  

“I would never do anything to hurt or see brothers get hurt,” the Philly influencer explained. “Didn’t touch or disrespect any of my brothers. I know how powerful disagreements are where we come from. I will never let no bs go down & watch our brothers destroy their lives.” 

Meek Mill returned to social media on Sunday evening to double down on his response, stating, “I’ma move better!”  

Check out his tweets below.