Mother of Rapper Archie Eversole Blames Death On Police, EMT’s And Hospital

archie eversole

Family members believe something happened in the hospital days before he died.

The family of slain Atlanta rapper Archie Eversole disputes the claims of local law enforcement that allege his brother was responsible for his death. 

The artist’s manager also joined his mother in refuting the accusations of the police.

Eversole’s brother Alexander Krause has been charged with murdering the “We Ready” chart-topper.

As reported by, Krause was with his brother when he was killed at a DeKalb County gas station on March 25th. The Chevron where the incident happened was in the 4400 block of Snapfinger Woods Drive. 

Fox 5 Atlanta reports that Archie Eversole’s mother does not believe her son was a victim of fratricide and said the two were not arguing at the time of Eversole’s death.

In a private video she taped with the assistance of John Williams, who was Archie Eversole’s manager, the late rapper’s mom said, “They had no arguments. They had no feuds.”

“And I know that,” she continued, saying, “Yesterday I talked to the neighbor next door. I asked her, and I say: Did you hear any arguments? Did you hear any fights? She said no. She didn’t hear nothing. Not that day. Not any other day.”

Relatives of the deceased believe that if a finger should be pointed, it should be at the police, emergency workers, and doctors who did not do enough to save her son, who died from blood loss nine days after being shot.

Many fans and The Atlanta United soccer team sent their condolences when news of his death was released.

His song, “We Ready,” was widely used during sporting matches, becoming a pre-match war cry for the Atlanta United.

The team released a statement regarding the loss:

“We are heartbroken to hear of the tragic passing of Archie Eversole. A staple in the Atlanta hip-hop scene, Archie adopted Atlanta United before our first season and continued to be one of our club’s most fervent supporters. In addition to his decorated musical career, his voice will long live in our supporters’ minds as ‘We Ready’ billows through the speakers for kick-off at Atlanta United matches. Our deepest sympathies go out to his family and friends.”

Archie Eversole was 37-years-old when he died.