Mystikal Requests Bond In Rape Case; Hires Forensics Experts


Mystikal has remained in jail since his July arrest. He was indicted on multiple charges, including first-degree rape.

Mystikal sought his release from jail and made moves to bolster his defense in a pending rape case.

According to WBRZ, Mystikal asked a judge to reconsider bond while he awaits trial. The multi-platinum selling artist has remained in jail since he was arrested for sexual assault in July.

Mystikal’s attorney Joel Pearce also recruited a forensics firm to help prepare a defense for his client. Authorities accused the veteran rapper of raping, strangling and robbing a woman in Prairieville, Louisiana.

“Some of the most important data in this case is trapped in a mobile phone and social media providers,” Pearce said in a press release. “I immediately contacted Garrett Discovery to formulate a plan to capture the data so that justice can be served.”

Garrett Discovery’s CEO Andrew Garrett proclaimed his team will examine digital evidence to determine the facts in Mystikal’s case.

“Law enforcement and prosecutors have the ability to search homes, arrest and jail those whom they feel are guilty,” Garrett said. “This comes with a great responsibility, but unfortunately, with high caseloads and mounting pressure, we often see cases that are not well developed or have come to the wrong conclusion. Attorney Pearce’s relentless pursuit of the truth will leave no stone unturned.”

Mystikal was indicted for first-degree rape, domestic abuse battery by strangulation, false imprisonment, simple criminal damage to property, simple robbery and multiple drug charges. He pleaded not guilty to the charges.