NFAC’s Grand Master Jay Comments On Lafayette Judge That Compared Blacks To Roaches

Grand Master Jay NFAC

Check out a new interview with the NFAC’s Grand Master Jay, as a Lafayette Judge has compared a Black person to a roach.

In an amazing turn of events, a Louisiana area judge was caught on tape making racist statements that have now been widely distributed over the Internet.

On Monday in a published story, Judge Michelle Odinet of Lafayette was seen comparing a Black person to a roach.

Numerous aspects of legal, culture and civil advocates have commented on the stunning turn of events, and have chastised the judge for making such statements. Others, like Grand Master Jay of the NFAC, have flat-out ask for her to resign.

“There is no way this person can continue to serve as a fair and impartial judge while harboring these racist views of the African American citizens of the great city of LaFayette. The NFAC echoes the position of Sen Boudreaux and others that it is in the best interest of justice and public belief in a fair and impartial law based judiciary, that Judge Michelle Odinet resign her judgeship immediately.” – NFAC Global, Grand Master Jay, Supreme Commander

via Grand Master Jay to AllHipHop

The judge made these statements after an attempted burglary at her house over the weekend. Someone was arrested for breaking in the Odinet’s home and stealing a vehicle.

Afterwards, numerous people convened in the judge’s home, watching home surveillance of the burglery.

The video was taken at the judge’s home and there is a woman’s voice (presumably Odinet) comparing a black person to a roach. The judge says she has no recollection of the video or the disturbing language and charges she was given a sedative at the time of the video.

This is not the same judge that will be presiding over the case of one Grand Master Jay, who is charged with pointing his gun at federal and local law officers that were standing on a roof at an NFAC formation. However, it does give an glimpse into his ability to get a fair and impartial trial. Grand Master Jay denies these charges against him.

He recently conducted an interview with AllHipHop’s Chuck “Jigsaw” Creekmur, which will be distributed in parts. Here is part one, where he discusses Ahmaud Arbery’s cold blooded murder, the case and how it is indelibly linked to the formation of The Not F##king Around Coalition. The NFAC the largest black militia in the United States and has formed in numerous ways and cases like Arbery, Breonna Taylor ( murdered in March 2020 by police) and the Ku Klux Klan.