Nicki Minaj Slams Fan For Comparing Her Alter Egos: “Don’t You DARE DO CHUN” 

Nicki Minaj

Nicki Minaj blasted the fan and declared the “Chun Li” video “was the best thing since sliced bread & Anaconda.”

While Nicki Minaj has several alter egos, Chun Li holds a special place in her heart, as one fan discovered over the weekend when he tried to compare the character to a more recent counterpart.  

The “Barbie World” hitmaker deploys her alter egos in multiple songs, with each persona bearing distinct characteristics.  

The fan posted two of Nicki’s singles side-by-side, inviting others to “choose your fighter,” between Chun Li and Red Ruby Da Sleeze. However, the comparison angered the rapper, and she chastised the fan over his tweet.  

“How dare you?” Nicki Minaj began. “Chun was written as a single/radio/GAG on an original beat that I helped to create from scratch w/producer. The video was the best thing since sliced bread & Anaconda.” 

By contrast, she said, “Ruby was written as a calm flex BAR FOR BAR GAG.” Nicki Minaj concluded her post with a warning: “Don’t do Chun. Don’t you DARE DO CHUN.” 

Nicki Minaj Said Her Chun Li Alter Ego Is “Stamped In Fashion History”

In a follow-up post, she noted the Chun Li video was shot by renowned videographer Steven Klein, before reciting the accolades it collected.  

“Introduced new alter ego now stamped in history, Fashion, Storyline, cinematography, monologue, the dancers, the choreo, the looks, hair, FACE CARD,” she continued. Won the VMA…Like… I gotta giggle.” 

She signed off with a reminder that her first full-length album since 2018’s Queen is on the way.  

“See y’all on 11.17.23 tho. Pink Friday 2,” she added.  

A little while later, Nicki Minaj returned with a pop quiz for her dedicated fanbase, The Barbz. She shared a Twitter poll asking fans whether it was Chun Li or Red Ruby Da Sleeze who appears on her new song “Endless Fashion” with Lil Uzi. 

The question prompted a debate between The Barbz on which of her alter egos is the singer. Check out her tweets below.