NLE Choppa On Black Community: “It’s Like We Need Negativity To Fuel Us”

NLE Choppa

The self-described Top Shotta posts about the divide between Black men and Black women.

NLE Choppa likes to give his opinions on various topics. Over the weekend, the 20-year-old entertainer turned his attention to the Black community.

NLE Choppa posted a message on Twitter (X) directed at members of his own race. In particular, the “S### Me Out” performer focused on the relationship between the genders.

“Hate has divided a good amount of Black females and Black males,” he wrote. “Our community [used] to live in so much love & togetherness!”

The Memphis, Tennesse native continued, “Now we criticize and crucify each other verbally, physically and emotionally. It hurt so much to see, it’s like we need negativity to fuel us.”

It’s not clear what sparked this post by NLE Choppa. However, in recent days, sections of the internet have been making fun of the Cottonwood 2 album creator for his naming his newborn son ChoZen Wone.

“His name is special, spiritual and unique,” Choppa said. He also added, “ChoZen – picked by God, God’s favorite and also zenful energy. W(one) – he already ‘won” at life, and he’s also the ‘chosen’ one.”

In addition, NLE Choppa created rap blog content by taking on the Non-Player Character trend made popular by internet personality Pinkydoll. Fellow Memphis rapper Key Glock publicly laughed at Choppa’s NPC attempt.