Orlando Brown Arrested On Domestic Violence Charge In Ohio

Orlando Brown

The former child star is back behind bars.

It appears Orlando Brown has more legal trouble on his hands. Someone has apparently accused the 35-year-old actor of causing them physical harm.

Authorities in Lima, Ohio took Brown into custody on Thursday. The former star of Disney Channel’s That’s So Raven faces one count of domestic violence – cause belief of imminent physical harm by threat of force.

Lima Police Department officials arrested Orlando Brown around 10:29 am local time. He was later booked at 10:52 am. The domestic violence charge against Brown is listed as a misdemeanor.

According to TMZ, the alleged incident implicating Orlando Brown may have also involved one of his family members or another person living at the residence. Further details about the situation are not available at this time.

This Is Not The First Time Orlando Brown Has Been Accused Of Domestic Violence

The four-decade veteran of the entertainment industry has had numerous run-ins with the law in recent years. A previous girlfriend also accused Orlando Brown of domestic battery in 2016. He allegedly struck the woman in the parking lot of a California police station.

Additionally, Orlando Brown has been arrested for drug possession more than once. At one point, news reports circulated claiming Brown overcame his drug addiction through faith-based treatment provided by a Christian church in Texas.

In 2018, Brown appeared on an episode of the Dr. Phil talk show. The Trade It All album creator caused some concern among viewers because he seemed to struggle to remember the names and ages of his children.

Brown Insinuated He Had Sex With Bow Wow

This year saw Orlando Brown go über-viral after he made some sexual comments about fellow ex-child star Shad “Bow Wow” Moss. Those remarks arose from a conversation about BET’s106 & Park music video show which ran from 2000-2014.

“The last [time 106 & Park] was hot. When Lil Bow Wow was on there,” said Brown back in July during an interview. “I ain’t gotta problem with Lil Bow Wow. Lil Bow Wow got some bomb ass p####.”

Bow Wow responded by stating, “Tweaked out… but you know dude really need help… That’s why we ain’t trippin on em. Nobody taking him serious. It’s sad because he had potential to be great. It’s sad. Dem drugs!”

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