Papoose Trends After He’s Accused Of Knocking Out URL Battle Rapper Eazy The Block Captain

No video exists of the altercation, but it does not stop people from talking.

Papoose—veteran rapper, Remy Ma’s husband and Tunecore’s Head of Hip-Hop—continues to trend following a weekend of speculation. The Brooklyn rapper is rumored to have knocked out battle rapper Eazy The Block Captain at Remy Ma’s Chrome 23 battle rap event. The allegations spread like wildfire after the lackluster event came to a screeching halt.

AllHipHop previously reported the battles ended after headliners 40 BARRS and Yoshi G got into a squabble. Yoshi, the underdog in the contest, threw a water bottle in a hissy fit after she choked on a bar and people in the crowd started to heckle her.

In the middle of the melee, Eazy The Block Captain—a signed URL artist managed by Remy Ma—jumped in to ease the tensions. However, moments later, according to witnesses at the event, Papoose unexpectedly punched the Philadelphia rapper in his face and sent him “night night.”

No video evidence supports the rumors, but the allegations spread quickly along with the outrageous motives as to why a big-time music executive would grind up the popular battler. The rumors of the fight trumped whatever success the event might have had.

Check out the various media outlets and social media posts about the Papoose and Eazy TKO.

Even Ms. Hustle, one of the premier artists on Chrome 23, snuck in a jab.

Remy Ma commented on the battles and ensuing rumors, “Can y’all please STOP with the Eazy & Pap Lies.” While she has spoken out, many don’t believe her, alleging she has to keep face because of her affiliation with EBC and her husband’s job at Tunecore.

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