AllHipHop EXCLUSIVE: Photographer Goes After Damon Dash For Another $1 Million Over Defamation Claim

Damon Dash

Damon Dash was busy in court this year, and it looks like his legal battles will continue well into 2021 thanks to a new lawsuit filed by a scorned photographer who claims the rap mogul molested, then defamed her.

Rap mogul Damon Dash has another legal battle to face to end 2020. The Roc-A-Fella Records founder is being sued again by a familiar foe – Monique Bunn. 

Bunn, who filed a $51 million sexual harassment lawsuit against Damon in December of 2019, filed new paperwork on Christmas Eve, accusing him of defamation of character. 

According to court documents obtained by AllHipHop, Bunn is seeking another $1 million from Damon and his wife Raquel Horn. 

Monique Bunn claims the pair defamed her in a video they posted, claiming she was a thief, over allegations she allegedly ran up charges on his credit card. 

Bunn insists Damon is the one with sticky fingers, alleging he kept a hard drive with 100,000 of her photos and started posting them to his Instagram account, ruining the value of the pictures. 

The problems between the pair started in April of 2019 when Bunn stayed the night at Damon’s mansion in Los Angeles to do a photoshoot for his Poppington brand. 

Monique Bunn claims that during the overnight stay, Damon entered into a room in the house where she was sleeping, and drunkenly fondled her against her wishes. 

Damon Dash has vehemently denied the claims, and to push back against her narrative, he posted a video as proof that Bunn was attempting to extort him.

“First they come into your house, then they try to rob you…when they get caught they try to make a good guy look like a bad guy…then try to extort you… #chrisbrownthelawyer is clearly the ring leader of this conspiracy,” Damon said in a post with the video in question. “This is his third lawsuit he has personally filed against me in a year…from what I hear the FBI should be doing their job.”

In her new lawsuit, Monique Bunn claims she has been emotionally scarred by the video, which went viral as soon as Damon posted it. 

Bunn also says the false allegations ruined her ability to get work. 

Bunn also maintains that Damon has been moving his money out of his Poppington bank accounts to avoid paying any possible judgment against him and his successor companies. 

“From approximately August 2020 through November 2020, Poppington

removed all of its assets from its account at JP Morgan/Chase (“Chase”), and upon information and belief, placed the funds in The Dash Group LLC’s account at Chase. As Dash and his girlfriend Horn control both entities, it was easy to transfer all of the Poppington’s assets to The Dash Group LLC,” Monique Bunn’s new complaint reads.

This time around, Damon’s nemesis lawyer Christopher Brown is not involved in the lawsuit.

Monique Bunn is represented by the Law Offices of Dina Adham in the latest legal headache for Damon Dash. 

However, Christopher Brown is still representing her in the $51 million lawsuit, which is still winding its way through court.