Pop Smoke’s Brooklyn Mural Vandalized By Thugs

Pop Smoke

A mural of the late rapper Pop Smoke has been vandalized. Located in his hometown of Brooklyn, it was s defaced with a vile message.

A mural of the late rapper Pop Smoke has been vandalized.

Located in the chart-topper’s hometown of Brooklyn, on the side of a papi/ahki shop at 8125 Flatlands Ave, the blue-sky wall with Pop Smoke’s smiling face at the end was defaced not just with graffiti— but a vile message.

The soulless hoodlum wrote “Woo K” in black spray paint across the sky and cloud portion of the piece.

The term is disturbing enough. The Woo, according to Respect my Region, is a Brooklyn gang blended of Blood and Crip members. 

But for some, “K” means “killer,” making the vandalization a proclamation of hate for the set and someone considered one of the most iconic voices of the gang.

According to some to members of the Woo, “Woo K” means the same thing “C K”  conveys to members of the Crip gang.

A photo of the diss started to make its rounds on Wednesday, December 28th.

The original piece was commissioned by Hattas Studios, the group that did similar tributes to King Von and Nipsey Hussle.

This is not the first time a Pop Smoke memorial site has been vandalized. 

Thugs smashed a grave marker and a marble plaque at the Green-Wood Cemetery last year.

As reported by AllHipHop.com, Pop Smoke, whose real name was Bashar Jackson, was murdered in an Airbnb in Hollywood Hills in February 2020, allegedly by a group of teens and young adults who broke in to rob the rising star.