Q-Tip’s Quest For Old Flame Makes Woman Target Of Internet Trolls

Savvy internet sleuths thought they’d located the real Pamela Sweat, but it turns out they had the wrong woman.

A Tribe Called Quest’s de facto leader, Q-Tip, had another special request for his fans on Wednesday (June 21). Taking to Twitter, the illustrious MC suggested they leave his high school friend Pamela Sweat alone. Q-Tip began looking for Sweat last week, firing off a tweet about the girl he once took to a Prince concert. Sweat was located quickly but since then, she’s been the target of internet trolls. Q-Tip ultimately made contact with Sweat and appeared to have a good conversation with his old flame. But it came with a cost.

“Questers!” Q-Tip began. “I connected with PAM. We had a great catch up! She is a devoted mom n wife and she treasures her privacy and asks that folks would refrain from salacious comments.. this was a fun odyssey that you all helped me complete. Thank you n see yall real soon!”


Q-Tip started his search for Pamela Sweat on June 16 with a tweet that read: “There was a girl i went to HS with.. PAMELA SWEAT we went to the PRINCE concert in 9th grade. @ MSG Pam if you’re out there id love to know u r well i think of u often.”

Savvy internet sleuths not only found high school photos of Sweat, they also found what they thought was her Instagram account. But apparently, they had the wrong Pamela Sweat (who was relentlessly trolled as well). The real Pam Sweat was ultimately discovered, and she and Q-Tip connected. Sweat confirmed on her page: “Hey y’all I did reach out to him.” She included the song “Beautiful Day” by Jonathan Roy.

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But as Q-Tip pointed out, Sweat has been the recipient of some unwanted attention, including remarks about her appearance. But most fans were overjoyed by the potential reunion. Sweat did say she DM’ed Q-Tip, but no additional details were provided. Even so, it appears people are highly invested in the storyline.