Queen Naija Admits She Was Ignorant For Comments About “Nappy Headed” Girls

The singer-songwriter drops a Teyana Taylor-directed music video for “Pack Lite.”

(AllHipHop News) Queen Naija is once again addressing negative reactions to a video from 2017. Before starting her professional music career, the R&B vocalist was a popular YouTuber with her then-husband Chris Sails.

Three years ago, Queen was in a video where she said, “It seems like it’s always little nappy-headed girls who bully me like they jealous or something.” Those comments and other content on her channel caused people to accuse the Michigan native of being a colorist.

Queen spoke about the colorism accusations in a 2018 video where she denied discriminating against women based on skin tone and apologized for offending anyone. However, her “nappy-headed” clip continues to resurface with new calls for the 24-year-old to be canceled.

This week, Queen Naija took to Instagram to respond to critics that still have an issue with her previous statements. She again offered an apology and admitted her choice of words were problematic.

“I was just taken aback because I didn’t understand how I said something wrong because I grew up in a Black household where ‘nappy-headed’ or the term ‘nappy’ was used in such a normal way. It was normal to me, so I didn’t see where I said anything wrong back then,” Queen Naija stated in an IGTV video.

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She added, “I was trying to justify what I said back then because I didn’t understand why it was wrong. But as time went on, I look back at the videos and I was like, ‘Damn, I really did sound ignorant back then.’ I could see where a lot of people would take that part of that video and feel like I’m a colorist or have something against Black women.” 

The Capital recording artist also said, “I feel like melanin is beautiful. I never thought I was better [than anyone else]. Now the words that I’ve used in the past were ignorant… Now I see that I did offend a multitude of Black women and I truly apologize again to anyone who I have offended by using that term.”

Queen Naija recently released visuals for her “Pack Lite” single which interpolates Erykah Badu’s classic Grammy-nominated song “Bag Lady” from 2000. BET Award winner Teyana “Spike Tey” Taylor directed the MV.