Rapper Fat Trel Finally Released From Prison

Fat Trel

Rapper Fat Trel took to social media to share a video of his release from jail and is keeping his promise to drop music now that he is a free man!

Rapper Fat Trel, who said he was being mistreated by the legal system at the top of the year and reached out to Jay-Z and Kim Kardashian to help him, has been released from jail. 

Trel took to social media to share videos of his release with his fans and is keeping his promise to get busy once he is out.

As reported by AllHipHop.com, in January, the rapper said he had spent three years in prison after being convicted of DWI and marijuana possession in 2016. 

A judge gave him probation and allowed him to go free, but in December 2021, at his probation hearing, he was sentenced to another year and a half of incarceration by the judge.

Fighting for his life, Trel posted the following message on Instagram, “Anybody with a voice that can bring light to my situation, it would be greatly appreciated by my family and I. To my Fans i will be home soon I’m sorry this is Happening to y’all…”

When Fat Trel received the good news that he would be getting out days before Thanksgiving, he started to count down on IG, with all his 185K fans anxiously awaiting his return.

A video of his release was posted on Twitter. The artist, who is signed to Rick Ross’ Maybach Music Group, was dressed in his prison uniform with a kufi to symbolize his commitment to the Islamic faith.

His friends and fans were there to greet him.

Before long, he was out of the prison garb and back to his regular floss, getting dressed outside in the free air.

At 9:16 am, he hopped on Twitter and typed the statement that his fans had been wanting to hear for years, “IM FINALLY FREE💯💯💯 LETS GET THIS SHOW ON THE MF ROAD.”

Fat Trel also promised his fans there was new music coming.

Are you all hyped to hear it?