Ray J Claims He Slept With Amber Rose Nightly On “College Hill” Reality Show

Ray J Amber Rose

The television personality also talks about Donald Trump.

Ray J’s experience on BET+’s College Hill: Celebrity Edition apparently involved constant cuddling with castmate Amber Rose. The R&B singer/reality show star born William Ray Norwood Jr. spoke about his relationship with the former exotic dancer.

“I could tell you Amber was seeing ghosts in the [College Hill] house,” Ray J stated in an interview with Jason Lee. The Tronix Network founder also said, “She’s like, ‘Ray J, I need you to come up and sleep with me every night ’cause I see ghosts.'”

According to Ray, BET+ did not televise him and Amber Rose sharing a bed on a nightly basis. The “One Wish” vocalist claimed, “I don’t know how much they showed, but we slept together most of the show.”

Season two of College Hill: Celebrity Edition made headlines for a racially motivated fight between Amber Rose and Joseline Hernandez. Ray J would not confirm who won the physical confrontation.

In addition, Ray defended Amber Rose publically supporting Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump‘s 2024 campaign despite her receiving backlash for the political endorsement.

“Trump’s my guy. They don’t never drag me,” Ray J declared. “My team tells me to stay out of politics, but I f### with Trump. I f### with [former President Barack Obama] too.”