Remy Ma Addresses Cardi B Trolling Nicki Minaj With Remy Profile Pic 

Cardi B Remy Ma

Remy Ma revealed she was sitting at home “with my notifications on” after Cardi B changed her avi to Remy pic during a Twitter beef.

Back in October, Cardi B updated her Twitter profile photo to one of Remy Ma amid her online beef with JT. 

The NYC hitmaker and the City Girl spent a day firing shots at each other online after Cardi felt slighted that JT left her out of a “Tomorrow 2” congratulatory tweet aimed at Cardi’s collaborator GloRilla.  

They exchanged insults on social media before Nicki Minaj entered the fray, opting to change her Twitter avi to a JT pic. Cardi B seemingly responded by switching her profile image to one of Nicki’s own nemesis, Remy Ma.  

“I ain’t even do nothing,” Remy Ma replied when the topic came up during her recent interview with Jason Lee. She denied it was a sub stating, “I ain’t catch a stray, hold up, be clear.” However, she kept her eyes peeled for any reactions to the move.  

“I was at home like this,” she explained, sipping on her drink to indicate her reaction. “Waiting with my notifications on.” 

While Remy Ma was unbothered, some of her followers were heated. They sent messages urging her to have Cardi B change her photo and accusing the rapper of “impersonation.” 

Remy Ma Says She’s Been Cool With Cardi B “For Years”

Nonetheless, Remy insisted, “I don’t care. At all.” She later added, “I f### with Cardi,” stating she has done “for years.” Jason Lee reminded Remy that they all used to have a group chat. “You got to get that group chat back,” she stated.  Check out the clip below and watch the interview at the end of the page. Hitman Holla joined Remy Ma to discuss her upcoming Chrome 23 Anniversary event.

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Cardi B kept the Remy Ma photo until very recently, only changing it early this month. She replaced the pic with one of You star Penn Badgley after making an appearance of sorts in the show she loves so much. The superfan’s song “I Like It,” featuring Bad Bunny and J Balvin, appeared in the first episode of season 4.