Remy Ma Says Civilians Can Be Snitches

The ‘Girl in the Closet’ actress also suggests the “stop snitching” movement was misguided.

Yet another Hip Hop figure has shared her thoughts on individuals cooperating with the government in criminal cases. According to “All the Way Up” hitmaker Remy Ma, anyone who helps the authorities is a snitch.

Remy Ma and Tami Roman appeared on Power 105.1’s The Breakfast Club radio show to promote their forthcoming Lifetime movie Girl in the Closet. The interview also included Remy speaking on non-criminal witnesses.

“I don’t discriminate. There’s no, ‘Oh you’re a civilian.’ If you’re telling on someone, you’re telling. You’re cooperating. That’s just that,” said Remy Ma. “And I feel like a lot of times, people be like, ‘Well they’re a civilian.’ If you’re a civilian, stay hanging with civilians and be around civilians. Don’t be a civilian and hang out with people that are like that. Don’t do it.”

She added, “But then you try to justify what you did because ‘y’all know I wasn’t really like that.’ This is what y’all do and y’all in that line of work, keep these people that are really not built like that away from you because when the pressure’s on, they gonna fold. And I blame both parties. You shouldn’t have been hanging with them and you shouldn’t have had them around you.” 

However, Remy Ma also suggested that it was misguided for certain communities to teach young people that snitching was wrong. The 42-year-old mother stated, “You couldn’t show feelings. You couldn’t show emotions… That’s not how you really get through life. Once you see what the world really is like outside of the hood, outside of poverty, you don’t need to be like that. You can be vulnerable. You can express how you are.”

Remy Ma’s Comments Come After Allegations About Gunna Snitching On YSL

Chicago-bred rapper 600 Breezy recently argued Migos rapper Quavo will be labeled a snitch if he testifies against the man suspected of killing Takeoff in 2022. Quavo is the uncle of the late Migos member.

The conversation about snitching also became a trending topic following reports that Atlanta-based rap star Gunna pled guilty in a RICO case in Georgia. Fulton County District Attorney Fani Willis also indicted Fellow Young Stoner Life Recods representative Young Thug. Some critics accused Gunna of turning on his YSL boss. Gunna denies ratting out Thugger.

Remy Ma plays Patricia, the mother of 10-year-old Cameron, in the based-on-a-true-story Girl in the Closet. Tami Roman’s Aunt Mia character, a convicted murderer, accidentally becomes a foster parent for the young girl after Patricia suffers an aneurysm.

Previously, Remy Ma starred in the VH1 reality shows Love & Hip Hop: New York and Meet the Mackies. The Bronx native also acted in scripted series such as Queen of the South and Queens. She released her debut studio LP, There’s Something About Remy: Based on a True Story, in 2006.

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