Rick Ross Defends Dropping F-Bomb On AEW: “No One Can Tell Me What To Say” 

Rick Ross

Rick Ross says nobody can tell him what to say after dropping an f-bomb on the Holiday Bash edition of AEW Dynamite

Rick Ross went viral after his first appearance on All Elite Wrestling when a clip of his hilarious “false allegations” promo hit the net. 

However, he won’t be able to use the same excuse following his return to AEW this week after the MMG honcho dropped an f-bomb while commenting on a wrestler’s size during Wednesday night’s (Dec. 21) Holiday Bash edition of Dynamite. He took the mic to mediate between superstars Keith Lee and Swerve Strickland.  

“You a big muthafucka’,” he told Lee, who laughed nervously as the curse word was broadcast uncensored.  

Rick Ross Claims Mogul Affiliates Will “Take Over” AEW

He stuck around and after the show promised his new Mogul Affiliates faction is about to rule AEW.

“We’re coming to take over the whole game,” Rick Ross declared. “All you know me for is one thing, and that’s winning, gettin’ big money.” 

While it’s unclear if the FCC will act over the f-bomb, Rozay called into Busted Open Radio following the broadcast on Wednesday to  

“I’m taking you behind the scenes,” he replied when asked if AEW advised him about his language before the show. “This is the biggest boss in the game. Ricky Rozay, so no one can tell me what to say. You see, it was a gift for me to be there. But I love AEW, but it was a huge gift.”  

Rick Ross then explained his AEW outburst, saying Keith Lee really is huge.  

“When Keith Lee kinda turned his back to me, and I realized the size and width of his shoulders, and his trapezoids, I just had to express my heart,” Rozay explained. “He’s a big m###########. He really is.” 

The Biggest Boss then shared a photo of himself alongside AEW’s Satnam Singh. “I know some big muthafckrs,” he penned in the caption, alluding to his live slip-up.  

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