Rick Ross Has Left Epic Records & Claims He Always Had Ownership Of His Music 

Rick Ross

Rick Ross also revealed that he has numerous “huge offers” on the table, including once from his former label, Def Jam.

Rick Ross confirmed that he is a free agent after fulfilling his contract with Epic Records following the release of 2021’s Richer Than I Ever Been. Furthermore, the “Biggest Boss” said he has always maintained independence because “I already owned all my s###.” 


A Def Jam reunion could be on the cards after Rick Ross confirmed he’s received “huge offers,” including one from his former label. Nonetheless, during a recent interview with HotNewHipHop, Rick Ross confirmed independence “ain’t a different situation for me cause I already owned all my s###.” 

Rick Ross Sought Ownership From The Outset

While he was initially only concerned with obtaining a record deal after dropping his first album, Rick Ross “began renegotiating” his contract. “Before I even made it to my last albums, I had damn near owned everything that I could own, other than a certain distribution percentage. Once you become successful — regardless of what you signed at first — you just come sit at the table like a man.” 

He continued, “And guess what, I did it every album. I asked for more, and I did it on both sides — not just with my record label but also with my attorneys. ‘Hey man, I was giving you give X amount of percentage on my first album, lets cut it down to 12. On the next let’s cut it to 8. Let’s get it to 5.’ That go for everybody. You renegotiate because you learning as you go. Before every album, that’s what you go sit down and say, ‘Hey man, I gotta ask for something I ain’t never had. I’m finna do something I ain’t never done before.’” 

However, Rick Ross is in no hurry to sign a new deal, despite having a plethora of offers on the table. Although he said, “there really ain’t no rush,” he confirmed he is putting out new music this year. According to Rozay, he has two records and an official album announcement coming later this summer.