Rick Ross Mocks Birdman For Backing Drake In Ongoing Rap Heavyweights Saga 

Rick Ross

Birdman backed Drake while Rick Ross has been teasing him about alleged surgeries following his “Champagne Moments” diss. 

Rick Ross is clowning Birdman after the Cash Money Records co-founder voiced his support for Drake amid the recent diss tracks flying back and forth. 

On Sunday (April 14) Birdman took to his Instagram Story with a throwback photo of the pair announcing a surprise party. “I’m riding with you [for life],” he wrote, adding, “I got your back.” 

While his show of support was unsurprising, Rick Ross, who has has tension with the music exec for years, took the opportunity to mock Birdman. Rozay has been trolling Drizzy with allegations of a nose job and a BBL since dropping his Drake diss, “Champagne Moments.” 

Ross responded via Instagram, telling him “Do it 4 MsGladys,” referring to Birdman’s mother who was fatally shot when he was two years old. Ross also asked Drake to “invite me to the p#### party.” 

Instagram/Rick Ross

In another slide, Ross shared a video of him cruising on a yacht while listening to Birdman and Lil Wayne’s “Stuntin Like My Daddy.” 

“That’s where Birdman house was at, right over there.,” Ross said in another video, pointing in the distance. “The little Island over there.” 

Birdman sold his “Stunna Island” mansion in Miami’s gated Palm Island neighborhood back in 2020 after some reported issues involving a loan on the property. He initially listed it for sale at $20 million but was forced to discount the price several times before eventually selling it for $10 million.  

Meanwhile, Uma Thurman offered to lend Drake her iconic “Kill Bill” jumpsuit after he shared a photo from the movie featuring her character surrounded by attackers, alluding to his rivals firing at him on wax. Drake reposted the pic, as did Rick Ross, who joked “Think it fit me,” urging Thurman to “Let me know Asap.”