Saweetie Claps Back After Joe Budden Called Her Out For Alleged Quavo Bars 

Joe Budden said Saweetie should “shut the f*ck up,” after she released her EP ‘The Single Life’ in the wake of Takeoff’s untimely passing.

Saweetie has seemingly responded to Joe Budden after the rapper-turned-podcaster suggested her recent “Don’t Say Nothin’” freestyle was inappropriate in light of the tragic passing of Migos rapper Takeoff.  

The Bay Area native dropped her new EP The Single Life, last week (Nov. 18), and fans immediately began discussing “Don’t Say Nothin.’” Saweetie acknowledges the gossip surrounding her love life on the track.  

After her highly publicized breakup with Quavo, rumors surfaced that she was dating Lil Baby. Some listeners found the track distasteful, suggesting Saweetie should have delayed the album while the culture is mourning Takeoff.   

Meanwhile, Joe Budden added his voice to the mix. “Saweetie gotta shut the f### up,” he said during the latest episode of his podcast. 

“Did you f### Offset or not” he questioned, referring to Internet gossip suggesting Saweetie slept with Cardi B’s husband. When his co-host pointed out Budden’s “bad timing,” he launched into a rant.  

“It was bad timing for whatever she was saying in that freestyle,” Joe Budden said of Saweetie’s new song. “It ain’t the time for your freestyle. Because what I heard, I honestly didn’t really hear nothin’ directed to Quavo. Like, I just keep hearing Lil Baby and I think people keep confusing it with Quavo like they did last time.”  

He continued, “But, either way, it ain’t the time for confusion. It ain’t the time for none of that after they just lost they brother and nephew. It ain’t time for that. Sorry, Saweetie. Push it back. You been quiet. No need to come shake the table now.”  Check out his Saweetie comments in the clip below and the episode of The Joe Budden Podcast at the end of the page.

Joe Budden Calls Out Saweetie

On Tuesday, the “Best Friend” rapper took to social media with an apparent response to Joe Budden: “saweetie needs to S###????? ok joelisha 😍,” she tweeted. She later added, “Is misogynistic behavior normal for HIP HOP culture now? 🤔 guess so 🤷🏽‍♀️” Check out her tweets below.