Saweetie Pulls Out Receipts On Trash-Talking Fan Trying To Be Friendly With Her


A fan wanted to go to brunch with Saweetie, but the rapper found an old social media post criticizing her music.

Saweetie exposed a fan who proposed a brunch date to her on social media. The Warner Records artist posted a screenshot of the fan disparaging her music alongside an America’s Next Top Model meme to reject the brunch offer on Wednesday (May 22).

“I love Saweetie but sis is a one hit wonder,” the fan wrote in a Twitter post from 2020. “Idc what y’all say I knew her next song wasn’t gon be a hit.”

Saweetie initially seemed open to getting brunch with the fan. She asked, “What city?” when the fan sent her a message saying, “Sis we need to do brunch one day.”

But the fan’s old post came back to bite her. She deleted the post despite standing by her past criticism of Saweetie.

“Well I didn’t lie,” the fan wrote. “I did doubt you sis! But you came back strong yrs later!”

Saweetie released her new single “NANi” on May 17. The multi-platinum-selling rapper heavily promoted the song on social media and blamed her label for it not dropping sooner.

“I asked warner if we could release NANi earlier,” she wrote on X (formerly known as Twitter) in April. “don’t say i ain’t try.”

Saweetie embarked on a press tour to continue pushing the single. She revealed her past financial struggles in an interview with Power 106.

“I remember I was too proud to tell my friends and my family that I had nowhere to stay and I was literally couch surfing,” she said. “But it was cool because people always wanted me around. So I didn’t have to worry about having a place to stay. My homegirls knew what was going on. But I never wanted to take up space in someone’s house, so I would just keep my closet in my car.”

Watch the “NANi” music video below.