Scar Lip Addresses “She’s Hot” Twerking Controversy

Scar Lip

Fans thought Scar Lip’s label was forcing her to twerk and change her style, but she denied their assumptions.

Scar Lip faced backlash for twerking in the music video for her new single “She’s Hot.” The hardcore rapper responded to fans who believed she was succumbing to industry pressure to take a “sex sells” approach.

“I know a few days ago y’all saw me shaking my booty on the internet,” she told fans. “I wanna say I apologize to all y’all and anybody I offended. I did not mean to. Now, I know everybody’s like, ‘No, we don’t want you doing that’ … I understand that, right? I’m not just out here just wilding.”

She continued, “Let me tell y’all one thing — no one is forcing me to do anything. [I] promise that. I come up with these things in my head, these crazy ideas.”

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Scar Lip assured fans she wasn’t abandoning her roots. She asked her supporters to be more accepting of her trying new things as an artist.

“I want you guys to grow with me,” she said. “Don’t put me in a box. I’m always gon’ give y’all that street s###. I mean, I’m the best to do it, right? [Laughs] And we all know that. So, don’t ever worry about that. I’ma always give y’all what’s needed. I’ma always feed the streets because the streets are hungry. But I want to tap into what’s in me and let it out. It’s something in me that just wants to come out!”

Scar Lip insisted “She’s Hot” was her idea. She wanted to create a song with a “feel-good summer vibe” and thanked her team for embracing her creative choices.

“Shout out to my team and my label,” she said. “I wanna say I appreciate Swizz, Swizz Beatz, and my label for allowing me to explore as an artist [and] having creative freedom to just do what I want. “

Watch Scar Lip’s “She’s Hot” video below.