Shannon Sharpe Blasted Over Amanda Seales’ “Club Shay Shay” Interview 

Shannon Sharpe Amanda Seales

Amanda Seales checked Shannon Sharpe for being combative and downplaying her experiences of racism during her “Club Shay Shay appearance. 

Amanda Seales is the latest celebrity to have social media in a frenzy following an explosive appearance on Club Shay Shay, although this time the controversy centers around host Shannon Sharpe.  

The podcast was trending again following the outspoken actress and social justice advocate’s wide-ranging interview. Seales recalled past experiences with racism including being bullied by her all-white classmates on a trip to Disney World as a child.  

She also called out sports broadcaster Emmanuel Acho for criticizing Angel Reese following LSU’s playoff defeat to Iowa.  

However, Sharpe frequently challenged his guest, even as she reflected on being called the N-word as a child. “They’re kids,” he said. “As a child, you never said anything derogatory? You were just this model citizen as a child?” 

A stunned Seales replied, “So you have no problem with the children that were cursing out Ruby Bridges? And the Little Rock Nine? Do you think that was just them being kids?” 

Seales accused Sharpe of being combative and downplaying her experiences, something many on social media agreed with.  

“If there’s anything to learn from Shannon Sharpe’s interview with Amanda Seale is that he (and other black men) will continuously attempt to pacify antiBlack racism,” one social media user wrote. “Even if a non-black child calls a black child the n-word, it’s just “something children do”, thus not racist. 

Meanwhile, Amanda Seales was overwhelmed by the positive reaction to her Club Shay Shay appearance.  

“I’m so used to being vilified and misunderstood,” she captioned an Instagram video. “To see so many folks finally hearing me has been cathartic AF.” 

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