Skillz Clowns Kanye For Losing Kim K, Says Lil Nas X May Not Be Gay On “2021 Rap Up”

Skillz Rap Up

Virginia rapper Skillz created the “Rap Up” concept in 2002, and now he is ending the yearly tradition with his final “Rap Up” in 2021! Take a listen!

Skillz kept his promise and dropped his annual recap of the last 12 months with “The End of an Era.”

Last week, the Richmond, Virginia wordsmith declared he was done with his “Rap Up” series, but he changed his mind and dropped his 20th recap today (January 1st). 

Skillz chose to rap over the instrumental to Jay-Z”s classic “Encore” to summarize the most exciting events in 2021 for his 6:12 second track, which is accompanied by a video directed by Cristopher Schafer.

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Skillz kicks it off by dissing the January 6th rioters who stormed the Capitol before dropping some bars claiming President Biden only made it into the White House because he chose Kamala Harris, who seemingly disappeared for most of 2021. 

Skillz had some words for Lil Nas X, whom he accused of trolling all year while predicting that the rapper will eventually admit that he is not gay. He also clowned people over the incredibly dangerous “Milk Crate Challenge” on social media and joked on Kanye for allowing Pete Davidson to “steal” his girl. 

The rapper also called out Jussie Smollett after the actor was convicted of perpetrating a hate crime against himself and dissed double murderer Kyle Rittenhouse. 

Unfortunately, Skillz revealed he has decided to call it quits with his 20th recap. 

Interestingly, Uncle Murda, who co-oped his annual recap from Skillz and was the subject of an intense diss record over the recaps, also announced this would be his final year recounting the year too.