Slim Thug Launches New PPE Company To Fight The Coronavirus

Rap star Slim Thug is doing his part to help the city of Houston get through another wave of the deadly coronavirus.

(AllHipHop News) Rapper Slim Thug knows firsthand how easy it is to catch the coronavirus.

Despite going through lengthy measures to stay safe by social distancing and wearing a mask and gloves, Slim Thug revealed he caught the coronavirus back in March.

Thankfully, Slim Thug made it through, as did his fellow Houstonian Scarface, but rappers like Fred the Godson and the UK’s Ty were not so lucky.

Now a second wave of the coronavirus is hitting the city of Houston and Slim Thug is doing his part to flatten the curve.

Slim Thug just launched his own PPE company called SlimHTX.

According to the Houston Chronicle, Slim Thug launched the new business as a partnership with two local entrepreneurs, Jimmy Choung of Uptown Beauty, and Adam Beason, who heads up the Rubix Entertainment Group.

Slim Thug’s new company offers a variety of products aimed at preventing the spread of COVID-19. Products include hand sanitizer, face masks, face Shields, and personalized N95 masks.

“I’m excited to launch my PPE products but we can also make it look like a boss. We need to make wearing masks cool,” Slim Thug told the newspaper. “The most important thing right now is staying safe. This virus is serious and people need to be cautious.”

Slim Thug has been on the forefront of fighting the coronavirus in Houston since his positive diagnosis.

In April, he teamed with Smoke Shield and Baby Bash to donate 1,000 bottles of hand sanitizer to cops, bus drivers and health care professionals/workers.