Snoop Dogg Breaks Silence On The Use Of AI In Rap Music

Snoop Dogg

The artist asked, “Are we in an f##king movie right now, or what?’

Artificial Intelligence has taken Hip-Hop by storm. Several interesting uses of the technology have presented the culture with Nas rapping Biggie songs, Biggie rapping Mobb Deep songs and Drake hearing his voice a record that he didn’t sanction and moving toward legal action.

Now, Snoop Dogg has weighed in on the technology. During The Milken Institute’s 2023 Global Conference in Beverly Hills, the West Coast rap icon sat on a panel and spoke about generative AI systems such as ChatGPT or Bing Chat. 

“Well, I got a motherf##king AI right now that they did made for me,” Snoop marveled, according to Business Today. “This could talk to me. I’m like, man this thing can hold a real conversation? Like real for real? Like it’s blowing my mind because I watched movies on this as a kid years ago. When I see this sh*t I’m like what is going on?”

The Death Row owner, speaking as an artist and executive, added, “And I heard the dude, the old dude that created AI saying, ‘This is not safe, ’cause the AIs got their own minds, and these mother##kers gonna start doing their own s**t. I’m like, ‘Are we in a f##king movie right now, or what?’ The f**k man? So do I need to invest in AI so I can have one with me? Or like, do y’all know? Sh*t, what the f**k? I’m lost, I don’t know,.”

Multiple artists have spoken out. AllHipHop previously reported Pete Rock saying to use it is “mad disrespectful.” He tweeted, “AI is mad disrespectful and if y’all don’t see that but think this AI stuff is dope then you are a part of the problem. They can’t beat Black culture, so what do they do when they can’t measure natural talent? Silly s### like AI! AI is such a cowardly act that bears no real soul or feeling.”