Snoop Dogg Hopes To Make Hundreds Of Millions With Jake Paul Fight This April

Snoop Dogg and his company The Fight Club are teaming with Jake Paul for a fight on April 17th. 

This April, an unknown opponent will have the chance to avenge Nate Robinson’s shocking loss to Jake Paul. 

The YouTube star/boxer has just been announced as the main attraction for Snoop Dogg’s Fight Club boxing league in a bout slated for April 17th.

According to, Jake Paul’s will face a professional from the world of boxing, or MMA, according to Triller owner, Ryan Kavanaugh. 

Triller is hoping to recreate the success of the fight they underwrote between Mike Tyson and Roy Jones Jr., which raked in over $80 million on November 28th, 2020.

Jake Paul was on the undercard of the fight, but his brutal knockout of Nate Robinson in the second round was the most talked-about moment of the night. 

EXCLUSIVE: Jake Paul Says He Will “Never Go To The Canvas” In A Fight

“Jake Paul had viewers around the globe shocked during his last fight, which led to an unforgettable KO. This fight will have fans talking for months,” Snoop Dogg vowed.

Jake Paul became public enemy #1 for his smack talking after the fight, and professional fighters like Gervonta Davis, Antonio Tarver, and Claressa Shields called out the 24-year-old, who gloated in his victory over Nate Robinson.

Jake Paul, Stunna 4 Vegas And DaBaby Clown Nate Robinson In Video For “Play U Lay”

Jake Paul even starred in a video with DaBaby and Stunna 4 Vegas called “Play U Lay,” where he clowned Robinson, who took his loss like a true champ. 

“Hate me or love me, you can’t stop me. April 17th, I headline a global PPV event and I am getting my third knock-out in a row,” Jake Paul said. “I look to prove to the world that I am and I will remain one of the biggest names in this sport.”

In related news, Jake Paul’s brother Logan is slated to take on boxing legend Floyd Mayweather on February 20th.