Stephen A. Smith Snaps On Peter Rosenberg Over Comments About Caitlin Clark

Stephen A Smith Peter Rosenberg

“What? You the White boy now that’s gravitating to Black folks?”

A media war is brewing between Stephen A. Smith and Peter Rosenberg. The public spat stems from commentary about WNBA star Caitlin Clark.

“That’s why Stephen A. is catching the button because he is jumping in on this train of Caitlin Clark’s not being treated fairly by the world,” Peter Rosenberg stated on Hot 97. “This whole idea that if Caitlin Clark isn’t propped up the right way then it’s not right for the sport. If that’s your take, maybe you don’t really care about the sport and shouldn’t be giving an opinion about it.”

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Stephen A. Smith got wind of Peter Rosenberg’s comments and fired back at the Ebro in the Morning co-host on his YouTube channel.

“What? You the White boy now that’s gravitating to Black folks?” Smith asked. “You’re on a station, they playing Hip-Hop music, that makes you down now? You think you know us better than me?”

The First Take commentator also questioned why Rosenberg didn’t call him directly to discuss the situation. Smith then claimed Rosenberg’s Hot 97 colleague Ebro Darden as well as his radio rivals DJ Envy and Charlamagne Tha God would’ve picked up the phone.

“What kind of b####### is that?” Smith continued. “You trying to gain favor with a different community? What is it? When did I sit up there and try to prop Caitlin Clark up as some victim? I’m talking about the marketing of women’s basketball across the globe.”