Styles P Calls For Police Reform After Video Of Him Protecting A Woman From The Police Goes Viral  

Styles P Will Be On "Couples Retreat"

Styles P explained, “I don’t hate cops,” but he hates the mistreatment of poor people, admitting he wanted to fight the cop.

Styles P has responded after a video of him stepping in to protect a Yonkers woman being detained by the police circulated on social media on Tuesday (Jul. 12).  

The video shows the woman being taken down to the ground by two police officers before being cuffed. As she repeatedly insists she’s not resisting arrest, Styles P appears on the scene. “Yo! He’s a b####,” he tells one of the cops before giving the woman some advice.  

“You’s a f###### hoe,” he says to an officer before instructing the woman recording to continue. “You slammed a girl! For no reason!” he says to the cops before continuing to stand his ground.  

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The Yonkers-bred rapper shared his thought on the situation admitting that he was wrong for confronting the cops in that way but explained, “sometimes you just get f###### tired.” Styles P also discussed how difficult it is for Black people to negotiate situations like these after being traumatized by the amount of Black death they’ve witnessed on the news at the hands of the cops.  

“On behalf of all young Black people who seen the video, I was wrong,” he began. “Because you got to be careful of what you do, and how you speak out here because we’re all at danger. But we also got to kinda step up when we see s### being done wrong. I definitely should have delegated better,” he added but said, “this one caught me off guard from seeing a female being slammed.”  

Styles P continued, “I don’t hate cops. I hate the mistreatment of poor Black people. Of poor Spanish people. Even poor white people in the hood.” 

Styles P Says “I Wanted To Kinda Fight The Cop” 

The Lox member also explained that he didn’t want to see cops lose their job but blamed the system. “I was so mad I wanted to kinda fight the cop. Which is one of the dumbest things you can do,” he acknowledged.  

“Sometimes you just get f###### tired,” Styles P stated in exasperation. He added, “Don’t fire the cops,” but measures must be taken to ensure cops aren’t racist or “scared” of the people living in the communities they police. 

Styles P said, “it feels racist,” and went on to say he has lived in a “white neighbourhood” for many years and has never witnessed anybody slammed to the ground by police. “I don’t know what the f### to say about that, but we got to say something.” 

The “We Gone Make It” rapper explained that he has both anger and communication issues but is working on them.  

“Don’t do what I just did. What we have to do, and I say this a gangsta and a gentleman. Don’t be scared to be a cop if you not built to be outside.” He then expressed the need for “people from the community,” to police their own neighborhoods offering various ways to reform the institution. Check out the clip below.  

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Styles also shared another post expressing he’s “work in progress.” Read it below.  

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