Sukihana Says She’s “Not Into Tearing Black Men Down” As She Accepts YK Osiris’ Apology

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YK Osiris offered a sincere apology shortly after a clip of the incident went viral.

YK Osiris is on the receiving end of a little bit of grace. On Friday (June 16), Sukihana—the woman who was subjected to an unwanted kiss from the rapper—forgave him. Taking to Instagram, she explained what led her to accept his apology.

“I want to first say thank you to everyone who has reached out, your thoughtfulness has not gone unnoticed,” she said in the since-deleted post. “I would like to address the event that took place on Saturday, as well as, the aftermath surrounding such. First I want to acknowledge that YK Osiris has apologized to me both privately and publicly and I have chosen to accept his apology. God always forgives me and I can forgive others.”

She added, “I am giving YK the grace and forgiveness that I wanted to be given to me as I was discovering and defining myself on this very public and sometimes unforgiving entertainment platform. Thank you again. I deeply appreciate your support.”

The caption read: “I am a pro black woman and I am not into tearing black men down. This is something I am choosing to forgive him for. I love him and accept his apology. I would like to move on from this.”

YK Osiris offered a sincere apology shortly after a clip of the incident went viral. He wrote: “I want to publicly offer my sincerest apology to Sukihana. In an attempt to be playful, I misread the moment and violated Sukihana’s boundaries. I understand the importance of consent and I am embarrassed by my behavior. I have the utmost admiration for Sukihana and it was never my intention to disrespect her.”

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