Swamp Tries To Jump In A Rap Battle With Carolinian Rival T-Top #EpicFail

A battle rap rivalry turned into an unexpected showdown!

NWA is probably one of the top battle rap crews in the game — and getting next to their top stars requires a lot of dues to be paid and an official contract to be signed.

Not everyone gets that. Especially not the young and scrappy South Carolinian Swamp, who despite being offered a contract and turning the opportunity down, tried to sneak some shots at one of the squad’s top tier members, T-Top.

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The two have had a local rivalry that has recently gained national traction. The Ultimate Rap League actually tried to book the match up but after some back and forth, Swamp (whose real name is Shaun Paige) decided that he was no longer interested in going into competition with the one-time UFF champion. In fact, he went to get lengths to disparage The Bear and herald out that he was over the idea of battling him.

So you can imagine the surprise everyone had when Swamp showed up at T-Top’s one-rounder against Devy Ruffin and tried to jump into a round. However, T-Top’s entourage and also Rain 910 a member from the NWX collective stepped in and cut his plan short. You will not battle T-Top, a top tier vet in the game unless the ink is dry in a contract.

Though Swamp had to walk away with his sneaky little plan defeated, he did note that he now is interested in battling T-Top in the future, demanding the purse of $10,000. T-Top took to Instagram to talk about the incident. He captioned the following:

So this had to be the FUNNIEST MOMENT OF MY LIFE. swamp pits out a tweet and goes on a media run stating how he doesnt want to battle me anymore just to try to surprise me in my lil one rounder this weekend BAD MOVE 🤣🤣🤣…I dubbed it made him leave the stage and then rebutted and FLAMED HIS DUMB ASS…When he left the stage I looked at him and I started laughing he gave me 2 🖕🏾🖕🏾🤣🤣🤣🤣 I was weeeeeakkk, then he got no showed today by Qleen paper FOR THE 3rd time, Luck isn’t on his side these days…THAT BOY LOST 2BATTLES THIS WEEKEND AND DIDNT EVEN RAP‼️”


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Question is … will Top take the battle or has that ship sailed? #WEWILLBEWATCHING